Vizerer is the first Mage in history, created when the Angel Kerubiel began his war against the supernatural. Seeking a way to destroy the Nephilim and other forces, Kerubuiel asked that Angels begin teaching the secrets of Heaven to mortals and enpowered a handful of mortals to use Magical Essence. The first mortal empowered was Vizerer who studied magic, founding the first Arts of magic. 

Height of PowerEdit

Vizerer became the most powerful Mage, casting out Nephilim and other creatures at the behest of his Guardian, learning all he could from the Angel. As Tartarus was built and the realms were split, Vizerer began listening to other Celestial beings in his pursuit for power. This caught the eye of Kerubiel and the vengence of Heaven. 

The CurseEdit

As an outcast from Mage society, Vizerer was now being hunted by Angels sent to earth by Kerubiel. Wandering the desert, Vizerer came upon a fire with three strangers. Fearing for his life, he concealed his nature and sat at the fire. Throughout the night Vizerer spoke with the strangers, never realizing who they were.

One man asked Vizerer if he were a supernatural being, to which Vizerer replied "no." The man then asks Vizerer if he was a child of Adam, to which he also replies, "no." The man then reveals himself to be Lucifer (Satan) and curses Vizerer to be "what he seeks," changing his physical form into living blood. 

When Vizerer comes to, he can reshape his form but is cut off from his magic, discovering that he is now a vampire, lost in the desert. Using his Arcane knowledge, he creates both the Dark Gift of the Daemoni and the foundation of Thaumaturgy. 


Many Daemoni claim to have seen or spoken with Vizerer, although this is never substantiated. Others, such as the eldest within the Bloodline, have ancient scripts or tomes to go off of to guide the Bloodline in their actions into the modern nights.