In Vampire: Undeath, Control is measured by how much a vampire can influence in a particular area of mortal society. Vampiric Society is often measured by how much Prestige a vampire has. 


On page 161 in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook, a vampire must mark a potential mortal three times before they gain a single Point of Control. As your character marks mortals, he or she gains more influence over a particular group. Mortals marked in this way can be "stolen" by other vampires (as well as other supernatural creatures) by being Marked by them as well. Some mortals who are Marked by more powerful vampires may gain the ability to resist domination or other forms of manipulation, throwing a monkey wrench into the vampire's plans. 

Influencial AreasEdit

Each area below describe the areas of mortal society you may influence through your Control. Discuss with your Director how you will climb the ladder of these areas. Note, you always start at the bottom, even if you roleplay going to the top. Often times the top mortals are already Marked and attempting to Mark them, will result in backlash. Pick off the lower inhabitants and work your way up, placing who you want, where through the web you weave. 

Influence You can...
Academia manipulate educational facilities.
Aristocracy manipulate higher affairs.
Black Market get your hands on certain things.
Finance manipulate the flow of money.
Health manipulate health facilities.
Industry manipulate construction & building aspects.
Legal manipulate lawyers, the court system, etc.
Media manipulate television, newspapers, internet.
Military manipulate the military, or aspects of it.
Occult obtain knowldge or assistance with the supernatural.
Police manipulate the police.
Political manipulate politics and politicians.
Religion manipulate a certain religion & its' clergy.
Street manipulate gangs and the lower-level of society.