When a mortal is changed into a vampire, the act is known as Turning. Through this act, a mortal may die a mortal's death and rise a vampire, gifted with new powers and abilities. 

The BecomingEdit

The supernatural act of changing a mortal into a supernatural creature is known as The Becoming. In Vampire Undeath, The Becoming is an act which is both spiritual and supernatural. When a vampire drains a mortal, the act is described with many differences and similarities, however, the most popular seems to have the mortal drained of their blood by the vampire (cerimonially for some while in other ways it can be spur of the moment or even crude). While the vampire feeds the dying mortal his/her blood, the mortal always remembers hearing a voice (in some instances, even seeing a hallucination of a dark figure nearby) asking him if he accepts the Gift of Vampirism. The mortal needs to only think of a "yes" and the power of the blood takes hold, stopping death and ressurecting the mortal. The Becoming is the process of refining the mortal's body and gifting them with certain advantages, some based on Bloodline (Innate Edges) while others are innate to all vampires. 


As The Becoming changes the mortal into a vampire (Turning them), the new vampire may not fully realize that their body will be changed into a more predatory form. According to the Vampire: Undeath Corebook, mortals transformed in this way can have significant body fat reduction, an increase in muscle mass and athleticism or loose the need for glasses or contacts in order to see. The Becoming is different for each mortal, hence the presence of Character Flaws, Flaws and Natures which may be just above or at the normal stats for a mortal. It is said that the process of transforming and ressurecting a mortal varies in time and can take as long as a few days or as little as a few seconds. There is no known connection between Bloodlines, Maker or Sect. Each experience is different. 

First MomentsEdit

Once the vampire is Turned and the ressurection process is complete, the next sensation is unforgettable. Any blood left in the mortal body is spent to the point of having only a single Point (or close to it) pushing the vampire into Blood Hunger. This unholy thirst for blood is outlined in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook and may put the vampire at risk for falling prey to acts of Savagery. 


The act of ressurecting a mortal as a new vampire is heavily inspired by Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, I AM LEGEND (movie, 2007) and demonology folklore and legend.