As we begin explaining our community to you, our fans, we first need to explain what The Lonely Road is. Founded in 2000, The Lonely Road is a global community of roleplayers who pay a simple due of $15 a year to have the support of not only the entire staff at Dark Phoenix Publishing, but also each other as a family of roleplayers. As you pay your due, you are entitled to play any sanctioned game, anywhere in the world through our network of supporters. You may create a character, build your character through gaining XP and report your story/involvement to us directly to go into the global chronicle which will be logged online for everyone to see your achievements. In this way, players may visit other games and play, gaining XP, Prestige and notoriety. Cheating or Metagaming can be reported to us and WILL be investigated thoroughly. We also reserve the right to give awards to players, honoring their achievements in or out of game. 

Character ProfileEdit

As you build your character and begin your roleplaying, you are entitled to become a temporary member of The Lonely Road for 10 game sessions. Have your Director send us your Character Profile along with a copy of your Character Sheet and what game you are a part of and we'll take care of the rest.

Registering Your GameEdit

In order to register your game, just send us a copy of your Character Sheets and the location of your game. At this time there are no restrictions on how many games can be in a certain area but we do advise to space them out or join into one large game. Once your game is sanctioned, you will elect officers which are responsible for the game as an extension of our authority present as you roleplay. These officers are the Director, Narrator and Scribe. If ever a conflict rises, players will be contacted and an investigation will occur. 


Registered players, officers and games are highly encouraged to display fan-made material or to discuss your sanctioned games' activities via personal websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Our pledge to you, our fans, is to always support your adventures and achievements. All that we ask is that if you use our logos or material (Intellectual Property, pictures, logos, etc.) you credit Dark Phoenix Publishing and The Lonely Road. 

Note: Misuse of our Intellectual Property including the names of officers of our company will result in disciplinary action against you or your game.