The First is rumored to be the first vampire in creation. Although no one knows who he is or what he wants, most vampires live without thinking of their founder. The First is a vampire that has been described throughout material as being both living and undead (ancient stories), all powerful, able to bless or curse offspring (origin stories, Testamentum excerpts), forgiving to those who were ignorant of his existence (Vlad), Dark Stranger (Testamentum excerpts), creator of the First Brood (Testamentum excerpts). 


The origin of The First is highly debatable among the Huntru. Although they should rightfully fear their progenitor, the average young vampire (less than 500 years old) does not believe in The First. Factions surviving into the modern nights have various stories concerning The First with some of these stories crossing into other creature-types. A prime example of this is the existence of Vizerer (of the Daemoni) and Vlad Tepes (Dracula) and their connection with the Mages. 

Vlad the ImpalerEdit

In the Sourcebook V: The Hidden, the book discusses the origin and creation of Vlad Tepes and his rebirth as a vampire. In the book, his origin states that while being tortured by the Order of the Dragon, Vlad had a vision in which The First came to him, promised him a better life and made a deal with him. Those familiar with the myth of Dracula often believe The First came to him to exact vengence upon vampires who do not believe in him or honor his laws. 


The first son of Adam and Eve, Kaiyne was cursed by God to be immortal and to never find rest. In Damnation, this means Kaiyne can never feel satisfied and will never find peace. As an immortal, Kaiyne built the first city, a metropolis described as being much like New York city. In the Testamentum, a Dark Stranger came to the city and injured Lamech who in turn, killed him. Kaiyne stood up for his offspring and others from the First Brood came looking for their brother. When Kaiyne attempted to turn them away, a war broke out. The offspring of Kaiyne defeated the First Brood, inheriting vampirism. The First came to the city seeking out his offspring. When Kaiyne explained what had taken place, The First blessed his offspring, giving each their Dark Gifts to master.