From the Greek Thauma meaning “miracle” and “eragon” which means “work”, comes the word Thaumaturgy. Also, the word “Theurgy” which means “divine-working” all play a part in the word Thaumaturgy. So what is Thaumaturgy?

Once defined as the ability to unify the divine with one’s self. The Daemoni see this work as being all ready done since they, themselves are descendants of the divine (being descendants of the first Mage). To practice Thaumaturgy, a practitioner (Thaumaturge) must work each night and dedicate their lives to making the created world and their relationship with it, better through sheer force of will and faith.

Just how Vizerer  went from using Arcane Magic to Thaumaturgy is unknown. Legends report that Vizerer settled in a place called Arkham. Not much is known about Arkham and many Daemoni scholars suggested the place never existed. What is interesting is the amount of sheer potent force Thaumaturgy allows.

One of the greatest mysteries even to the Dameoni themselves, Thaumaturgy is impossible for others to even attempt to learn, due to the divine nature of its’ practice and the complicated nature of it’s secrets -regardless of occult studies.

Official ArtsEdit

Described below are the various Arts of Thaumaturgy, as published in the Daemoni Sourcebook and the Vampire: Undeath Corebook and republished in various other Sourcebooks or Corebooks.

Basic ArtsEdit

  • Art of Alchemy
  • Art of Blood
  • Art of Defense
  • Art of Destruction
  • Art of Earth
  • Art of Elementalism
  • Art of Experimentation
  • Art of Mind
  • Art of Perception
  • Art of Sanctuary
  • Art of Spirit


  • Alter Aura
  • Analyze Life
  • Aura Cloak
  • Bind the Intruder
  • Bond the Servant
  • Create Ward
  • Curse of Inconvienience
  • Dead Zone
  • Dispel Magic
  • Far Reach
  • Gifting
  • Guard the Soil
  • Heal Grievous Wounds
  • Hive Mind
  • Liar's Tongue
  • Potency of the Blood
  • Purify
  • Sense Conciousness


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Daemoni Sourcebook