Seraphina Mock-up

Seraphina is a Conspiratorial Horror/Survival game Sourcebook and supplement created by Mykal Lakim and published by Dark Phoenix Publishing for Vampire: Undeath. Seraphina is published using the L.I.F.E system as a part of the Wastelands of Damnation roleplaying series.


Seraphina is a Sourcebook unlike any other within the world of vampires. From the first page you turn, the Sourcebook unwravels what you know about playing Vampire: Undeath. As you peruse the pages to come you'll discover Dr. Baal Rinn Le'Ceth and his studies at Arkham Asylum. As you continue down the rabbit hole you'll discover his prized patient named only "Seraphina." Unlike other vampires, Seraphina has the power to manipulate what others see, taste, touch and sense. Manipulating the reality around her she is able to travel psychicly around the asylum, warp the reality of anyone within her Empathy range and choose what they experience warping their mind. 

New PowersEdit

Unlike traditional Dark Gifts, Seraphina's Dark Gift allows her to manipulate the percieved reality of those near her. This fun fact makes roleplaying a trip to Arkham not only harrowing but adventurous as your group attempts to navigate the asylum. Depending on exposure, characters may be "afflicted" with her Dark Gift, an uncontollable Gift that keeps on giving, infecting others subconciously while introducing new Flaws to the game (and other characters).