Sanguinis is a miraculous magic practiced by members of the Bloodline : Lyhin . Though this Sorcery allows the Lyhin to cast magic much in the same way as a Mage casting Magical Essence, a Lyhin can’t learn a spell directly from a Mage. Instead, they have to spend centuries perfecting the right combination of meditation, study and a form of alchemy to use their blood as a suitable replacement for Magical Essence. This is theorized as being possible because many Lyhin believe that vampiric blood contains elements of magic within it that helps stave off death and give the vampire their natural abilities.

According to the Bloodline, Sanguinis was invented by Ares in the ancient times and he continues to perfect it, even today. Although each Chantry may only teach up to a level 5 Art, Ritual, ect., it is rumored that Ares and many select elders have more potent magics.

Lyhin who attempt to separate themselves from the House find it all but impossible to increase their knowledge of Sanguinis. Some speculate that this is because of the Code they each take upon themselves at their creation. Although it has never been proven.

Official ArtsEdit

Described below are the various Arts of Sangunis, as published in the Lyhin Sourcebook and the Vampire: Undeath Corebook and republished in various other Sourcebooks or Corebooks.

Basic ArtsEdit

  • Art of Masking
  • Art of Nature


  • Seeming
  • Create Hallow
  • Clarity
  • Stave Manifestation

Order of ArtemisEdit


  • Growth
  • Naturalize
  • Howl
  • Howl of the Pack
  • Bramble Leech
  • Reshape
  • Growl of the Alpha
  • Carrion Vine
  • Bloodhunt
  • Sanguine Vine
  • Verdant Haven
  • Hulk
  • Bioshift


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Lyhin Sourcebook