R.I.C.S.R is a Conspiratorial Horror/Survival LARP game created by Mykal Lakim and published by Dark Phoenix Publishing. R.I.C.S.R uses the L.I.F.E System and is a part of the Wastelands of Damnation roleplayings series. R.I.C.S.R introduces you, the player, to another multinational company. Unlike Paramount, R.I.C.S.R is an informations company which absorbs and analyzes data worldwide. Underneath their facade of an innocent company lurks an international investigative organization which collects data on supernatural creatures to hunt them down and exterminate them at all costs.


R.I.C.S.R is a game designed to take you into the inner workings of a company which uses one face for the public while secretely eliminating supernatural creatures, items and lore. As you learn the rules and play with your friends you will be tested both morally and mentally as you begin your journey on The Lonely Road. Play with a few friends or play with dozens, we're sure R.I.C.S.R will entertain and inspire you and your friends for endless nights of fun.

Game SystemEdit

R.I.C.S.R is played using the L.I.F.E. System (Live-Action In Fantasy Environment). In addition to the games' rules the most important thing to memorize are the mechanics, based on the numerical value of four. The game can be played with a 12 sided dice or the traditional method of Throwing Chops (Rock, Paper, Scissors) making gameplay simple and easy to understand. In December 2012, Dark Phoenix Publishing announced the release of a Tabletop variant as well as another LARP varant known as Infinity which would simplify the mechanics of the game to appease gamers who felt number crunching was too difficult. 

R.I.C.S.R. in DamnationEdit

In the world of Damnation, R.I.C.S.R is a simple data collection organization. Its' members are world renown scientists, scholars and philanthopists who dedicate themselves to collecting and sharing information with the world. Beneath this squeeky clean facade lies a terrible monster. One where Paladins (ex-Mages who hunt supernatural creatures using anti-magic fields and traps) and Templars (Awakened turned-mercenaries) hunt down anything which remotely deals with the supernatural. Attacking with military pricision, R.I.C.S.R shows no quarter when it comes to anything out of the mundane. Use R.I.C.S.R to enhance any game and give players enemies they never dreamed of. 


A company founded in the early 1900's as a technology industry giant, Austere develops weapons for the Department of Defense and private contractor use. Where R.I.C.S.R uses agents who hunt down supernatural threats, Austere is active in all aspects of life from mortal to supernatural developing both sword and shield applications to be used by government and local offices.