A respect among the undead, Prestige is a way of recognizing who is most liked, most feared and most powerful among the undead. The more Prestige a vampire has, the more influence within the House or their Bloodline they have.

Prestige only comes in a few forms: General, House, Bloodline and political. When a vampire has “earned” House Prestige, the Herald will bestow them with an “entitlement” from the Master. This is done at the Accolade, usually held during Court in the Praetorium. The Vampire Council is summoned for Court and all are present. The lower Huntru (those without Prestige) unspoken until the end of Court, stand off to the side. Those with the highest Prestige may bring their issues to the Herald first (to be taken to the Master). Answers and approvals vary depending on subject and topic. A Herald is empowered with the ability to grant motions and approvals on the spot via the Master ’s blessing of authority, however, most of the more important matters are “taken into advisement.”


A vampire may gain Prestige by being a good warrior and fighting enemies, saving lives, etc. 

Among the HouseEdit

Vampires may gain Prestige within their own House or another. Prestige within another House means the vampire has done something to earn the respect of that House and is able to use that to their advantage when striking deals or making peace between two parties. 

Within the RanksEdit

A vampire who gains enough Prestige may also elect to run for office. Often a vampire runs for the position of Advisor and works their way up the ladder, however, this is not always the case. The chart below details the Prestige that is awarded upon gaining a position. 

Position Acquired Pretige Awarded
Herald +4 Points
Gendarme +3 Points
Carabinere +3 Point
Advisor +2 Point


The Edge Refined grants +1 Point of Prestige for being of noble birth (see page 195 of the Vampire: Undeath Corebook). Likewise, Noble Bearing grants the vampire in question +3 Points of Prestige (see page 209 in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook).


A vampire is forbidden within the Armory until he or she has acquired a single Point of Prestige. Often a vampire is able to acquire a single Point quite easily as it is the basis all vampires will build their reputation on. The more Prestige a vampire possesses, the better weapons, items, armor they may check-out.