Obia Cover

The shadow vampires come from the Shadow World to live amongst you. They move about as living shadows, stalking the population. They are referred to as Shadow People and feared by those who do not understand them. Obia do not drink blood like the vampires of the Vampire Nation. They do not require it for sustenance. Instead, they drink from the Shadow of the soul, taking the Darkness which dwells there. 

Long AgoEdit

In the origins of the Obia, they talk of Felon, the Bucoli founder being cast into the Shadow World by Aesma Dheva, their patron and vampire god. When Felon was cast into the Shadow World she took her offspring and thralls with her. Over time, the Shadow World became a cruel and harsh place to live. Creatures of shadow and Darkness stalking the vampires, picking them off one by one. As time moved on, the vampires became hungry. The Thralls, began to thirst. Then one night, they were attacked by a creature native to the Shadow World and fangs dug deep. Before they knew it they drank in the creature's essence. At first the sensation drove them mad but after a few centuries, it began to change what they previously were. When the Inquisition was over, the vampires escaped the Shadow World to step foot in the Material World only to discover that the Bucoli were in-tact but they, those who drank of the creatures, were no longer who they once were. Now they were a part of the Shadow World, a creature made of Darkness. 

Tears in the Shadow WorldEdit

In the modern nights, the barrier between the worlds is beginning to thin. The Vampire Nation concerns itself with their own frivilous in-fighting but the Obia work closely with others to ensure the tears between the worlds get closed. Using the Darkness that is now a part of them, they are able to sense and even manipulate that Darkness to close these tears, repair the barrier and even create constructs from the Darkness they possess.