From the Romanian word Necuratu meaning "unclean spirit" and the Greek word Nosphoros meaning "disease bearing" the Nosferatu Bloodline are known by these definitions within the Vampire Nation. In an attempt to classify the known Bloodlines of vampire with sigificant populations. Nosferatu is a Bloodline mostly found within the decaying areas of society and often assemble in small packs occupying areas such as abadnoned houses, sewers and unkempt areas.

Modern NightsEdit

In the late twentieth century, the Vampire Nation become aware of an organization known as Cthuhulian Vampires. These vampires went back as far as the ancient world and apparently co-existed alongside the recogized vampires in the Vampire Nation, although no one had ever discovered them. In the late twentieth century, the Bloodline known as Nosferatu came to light and made themselves known to their brethren.


Unlike the other members of the Vampire Nation, Nosferatu may belong to either Strigoi or Moroi clans, that is, being living vampires or undead vampires. This quality makes tracking them extremely difficult. Combined with their unusually low numbers, often a representative from the Cthuhulian branch must answer questions for the Council of Shadows.