As seen here Dark Phoenix Publishing is getting ready to release a Corebook on mortals. In it, mortals are not the helpless victims we might have thought. 


Discord is the effect supernatural creatures have on the world around them. Changing moods and even creating hostility, the world changes becoming darker when a supernatural creature takes up residence somewhere. This does not necessarily mean every creepy house has a vampire living in the basement or that every shadow will suck the life out of the plants, Discord gives new rules and mechanics for roleplaying mortals and shows the withering effect supernatural creatures have on those around them. 


A psychological effect, Delirium is caused when a mortal witnesses anything out of the ordinary. A vampire feeding, a werewolf shapeshifting, a Mage casting magic will all cause Delirium. The rules vary but Delirium will affect a mortal, withering their mind psychologically and altering their mood changing who they are on a nightly basis.