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An Expansion to the G.A.M.E series, Lost Kingdoms takes you to a place of fantasy and mystery. Discontinuing the "dark" elements of the other G.A.M.E books, Lost Kingdoms takes a new twist taking the gamer into Gothic Fantasy Adventure. In Lost Kingdoms there are humanoid races who live in Kingdoms and cities. The entire world is a large, lush countryside with forests and beaches. The denizens have lives that mirror our own, though they live in a fantasy realm where magic and technology exist. In Lost Kingdoms your character can hurl lightning bolts at enemies while using an assault rifle. Ride a motorcycle powered by magical essence through the countryside while elemental creatures chase after you. Lost Kingdoms is a place where "eruptions" of magic happen all the time and are as common as earthquakes here. What is Lost Kingdoms? It is a magical, gothic fantasy adventure. Like all of our other games, please be 18+ and play responsibly.