The Infinity System was devised in 2012 as an answer to fans who hate number crunching. This system mod was released to be an alternative to help players get a feel for the game along with other alternatives, namely replacing Rock, Paper, Scissors with a Card Draw system. Dark Phoenix Publishing hopes these changes will help draw in more players to the game and make the gameplay smoother for players giving choices in gameplay without sacraficing the game itself.


The first change the system brings is a cap on Natures. In the L.I.F.E System, Natures range from zero to infinite (theoretically) with maximum stats for mortals at +5 Points and supernatural creatures being at +15 Points. Powers, Edges and certain bonuses can raise these stats or "stack" Points making certain character combos lethal. 

The Infinity system will keep the Nature caps and mostly afffect Skills, bonuses from Edges and Damage. 


Gone are the nights of figuring Degrees and the bonus. Skills in the Infinity System are measured 1-5 with no bonus. 


Infinity Edges read more like D&D's Feats and less like the L.I.F.E. System's Edges. Point bonuses are gone and Edges are streamlined to make gameplay easier. 


The new Damage System will streamline damage by changing the parameters. Bruising damage will inflict +1 Point, Threatening will inflict +2 Points, Aggravated will Inflict +3 Points and Devastating will inflict +4 Points. Health is modified granting a character a Health Bar (much like your standard video game) known as Vitality. A character will be able to suffer a certain number of Points before a limb is rendered useless and likewise a stat is given for a cleaved limb. Character Death occurs when Vitality is maxed out by damage.