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House of Nicolai is a Conspiratorial Horror/Survival game Sourcebook and supplement created by Mykal Lakim and published by Dark Phoenix Publishing for Vampire: Undeath. House of Nicolai is published using both the L.I.F.E system and the Infinity System as a part of the Wastelands of Damnation roleplaying series.The House Nicolai are necromancers of both vampiric and mortal Houses.


House of Nicolai is a game designed to take you into the shoes of a necromancer vampire. As you learn the rules and play with your friends you will be tested both morally and mentally as you begin your journey on The Lonely Road. Play with a few friends or play with dozens, we're sure House of Nicolai will entertain and inspire you and your friends for endless nights of fun.

Game SystemEdit

House of Nicolai is played using the L.I.F.E. System (Live-Action In Fantasy Environment). In addition to the games' rules the most important thing to memorize are the mechanics, based on the numerical value of four. The game can be played with a 12 sided dice or the traditional method of Throwing Chops (Rock, Paper, Scissors) making gameplay simple and easy to understand. In December 2012, Dark Phoenix Publishing announced the release of a Tabletop variant as well as another LARP varant known as Infinity which would simplify the mechanics of the game to appease gamers who felt number crunching was too difficult. 

House Nicolai in DamnationEdit

In the world of Vampire, the House Nicolai were once slaves to the Daemoni. Their progenitor, Nicolai, was a Daemoni of incredible talent. After serving the Daemoni for several centuries, Nicolai was trusted enough by the House Daemoni to study and aid in the study of Necromancy. Nicolai built upon the Daemoni principles and feared that one day the Daemoni would use this power to control all vampires. Gaining their trust, the Daemoni elevated Nicolai within the House where he was given rule of Central America on the promise that he ruled through the Daemoni as an extension of their will. Nicolai perfected many necromancy rituals and powers while in Central America and began building a House of his own using his blood. This House is divided between vampiric and mortal necromancers with Nicolai at the head. Eventually, he declared his freedom with his powerful necromancy proving he himself, could control all undead -including vampires. The Daemoni vowed to get revenge declaring the House Nicolai to be their enemy and slander their name through the Vampire Nation. For this reason they are rare to find within cities and are cautious when outside of their native Central America. 

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