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Fallen: The Devils of Hell is a Conspiratorial Horror/Survival game created by Mykal Lakim and published byDark Phoenix Publishing. Fallen uses the L.I.F.E System and is part of the Wastelands of Damnation roleplaying series. Fallen welcomes you a world after death, revealing what happens when a corrupted soul, damned for an eternity in Hell is given a second chance to walk the earth. Fallen puts you in the shoes of a demon given a second chance at life, serving the will of a Fallen Angel they have sworn themselves to. As you delve into Hell you will make harrowing discoveries and uncover the hidden truths about demons.


The Devils of Hell, is a sourcebook designed to take you into the shoes of a Devil. As you learn the rules and play with your friends you will be tested morally and mentally as you begin your journey on The Lonely Road . Your character was once a sinful mortal who died. As their soul left for the afterlife they are pulled towards a Fallen in Hell who gives them a second chance for their eternal servitude. 

Devils in DamnationEdit

In the world of Damnation, Devils are mortals who lived a sinful life on earth and are rewarded by being summoned to a Fallen in Hell. Now imprisioned by their sins, the Devil is given a second chance at life, sent to earth to seek out others who sin so they may reap Faith from them, weakening the mortal and eating their sin. As you play the game you (the player) must control your characters demonic urges and impulses as you continue down The Lonely Road. 

Demonic society is headed by the Fallen who resides in Hell. Those loyal to the Fallen are known as the Demonic Host and can be anywhere from earth to Hell. Djinn, spirits who serve the Fallen also mentor Devils, acting as messengers and guides, delivering information to the Devil from their Fallen patron. 

Similarities between Vampires and DevilsEdit

Within this sourcebook are a variety of similarities between Vampires and Devils. Among these similarities are: 

Death: When a Devil dies their body breaks apart into ash and coals forced into the ground by a supernatural whirlwind. When a vampire dies, their body breaks apart into ash and bone. 

Nature: Both Devils and Vampires possess a nature. For Vampires, this nature is known as the Predatorial Nature , for Devils this is known as their Demonic Nature. In both cases, eyes and other features are manipulated or changed to appear more intimidating to onlookers. In both cases, they are known as the "inner demon."

Aesma Dheva: The Fallen known as Aesma Dheva (or Asmodeus) is referenced in both the Bucoli Sourcebook and The Devils of Hell. In the latter he is known as the Fallen who devised a method of escaping Hell and punishment to earth where he has children who escape judgement and do his will.