There are times when a mortal dies and they don't get to go to Heaven. Sometimes, as a sinner they are recruited to join the other side. A Devil is one such being. 

Life & DeathEdit

As described in the Fallen Sourcebook: The Devils of Hell , a mortal who lives a life of sin dies and discovers the Axis Mundi, a light bridge which is supposed to take them to the next life where they await judgement. Instead, a Fallen may use a portion of their limited resources to manipulate the bridge to bring the soul to them in Tartarus. Upon making a pact with the soul, the Fallen transforms the soul into a more tangible being giving it a physical form (not quite mortal, not quite supernatural) and placing it back on earth to become a warrior in the war against Heaven. 

Reanimation & Second LifeEdit

The Devil must fight their demonic nature or give in to it while on earth. All Devils have both Humanity and Daiesthai (inner demon). Depending on your Patron, a Devil's motivation wilk differ. Upon reanimating, all Devils are partnered with a Djinn who mentors them in their powers and provides information to the newly reanimated soul. 

Character LevelsEdit

Depending on your character's Level your Rank will be different, as will your type depending on your Humanity or Daiesathai. 

Scourge/Oni: When a soul is first animated it is either a Scourge or an Oni. 

Scavenger/Kuei: Levels 2-3, a Scavenger is a Devil with a high Humanity, a Kuei being a Devil with a high Daiesthai. 

Akuma/Shen: Level 4, an Akuma is a Devil with a high Humanity, a Shen being a Devil with a high Daiesthai. 

Gouki/Shiryo:  Level 5, a Gouki is a Devil with a high Humanity, a Shiryo being a Devil with a high Daiesthai.

Devils Daimonion
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Coercion
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Domination
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Familiar
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Flight
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Manipulation
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Presence
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Resilience
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Sanctuary
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Strength
Redeemer, Destroyer, Luciferian Zephyr