In Vampire: Undeath a Dark Gift is a vampire's ability to enhance a natural ability already possessed such as strength, speed, agility, etc. Dark Gifts are limited in that they can do many fantastic things but anything considered magical requires sorcery. 

Dark Gifts are broken down into three catagories: Common (which can be learned by anyone), Dormant (which are passed from parent line to Bloodline) and Rare (which are hardly seen and elusive). 


Dark Gifts are always rated on a scale of 1-5, each signifying both the level of the Gift and the level required to learn said Gift. For instance, a vampire who wishes to learn the third level of Swiftness must be a level 3 vampire before he/she can learn the power. Dark Gifts are fueled using either blood, Willpower or having no cost at all, signified by a "--" in the description. All Dark Gifts have required Natures which a vampire must possess before he or she may learn the power. For instance, Ignus, the power of superhuman strength requires a Strength of +2 Points to learn Flex (level 1). Likewise, Impact (level 5) requires a Strength of +5 Points to learn. 

Variants exist within the world of Damnation, proving that the tiers are not set in stone and depend heavily on the teacher. The Vampire: Undeath Corebook introduces players to the Presence Gift and the Faryill Sourcebook introduces us to Predation Presence, a variant using your inner demon. 

Common Gifts include: Clinging, Flight, Jumping, Presence, Resilience, Strength and Swiftness, which are often considered to be the Gifts of Halel

Dormant Gifts include: Ignus (Furian), Kharism (Eligiere), Mentalism (Lillian), Order (Beurian), Passion (Liliana), Beckoning (Fayrill), Raven (Huntru), Spiritus (Bucoli), Vicerorr (Daemoni).

Rare Gifts include: Bodycrafting (Daemoni), Phobos (Revenant), Proteus (Circian Fayrill), Sanguinis (Lyhin) and Thaumaturgy (Daemoni, Bucoli).