The Daemoni are the children of Vizerer, the first Mage, according to legend. According to the Daemoni Sourcebook for Vampire: Undeath, the Daemoni are vampires cursed by Satan to be living pools of blood. As sentient and mobile blood pools, the Daemoni first learns to use his Dark Gift of Viscerorr to create a humanoid form which resembles a human. Often this form is that of their former mortal visage.

The Modern NightsEdit

In these nights, the Daemoni are the Archons , walking the streets and roaming the territories striking fear into the hearts and minds of younger vampires. The Daemoni have been affiliated with the Vampire Nation for as long as anyone can remember, keeping the rules enforced and initimidating others through the use of their demonic powers.  The Daemoni are known by many names within vampiric society, the most notable being "The Devils." Known for being cruel in a manner others are not used to, Daemoni do not Turn mortals in order to create progeny. Instead, they breed them within their Breeding Pens where they feed from these half-vampires as sustenance, feeding them scraps and treating them as less-than human. In the Daemoni's eyes, mortals are food and nothing more. Due to their heritage, Daemoni view themselves as the top of the food chain and deserving of more respect than any other kind.


The Daemoni practice a form of magic known as Thaumaturgy. This form of magic is potent and unrefined in that it allows the Daemoni to create raw magical affects and bend reality to their will. Vampiric Scholars suggest that the Daemoni are able to harness this magic because they are the descendants of Vizerer, the first Mage. It is speculated that because of this connection, Vizerer was able to create a vampiric form of magic that his offspring would be able to continue.


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