Cthulhu: Mysteries in Darkness is a Conspiratorial Horror/Survival LARP game created by Mykal Lakim and published by Dark Phoenix Publishing. Cthulhu is published using both the L.I.F.E system and the Infinte System as a part of the Wastelands of Damnation roleplaying series. Cthulhu introduces the idea that things aren't what they seem to be an offer unsettling rumors, ideas and hooks for Directors and players alike. Building on the Lovecraftian ideals that fear can be a source of constant anxiety for mankind at a subconcious level, Cthulhu brings these emotions into the dark allowing Directors to unleash nightmares upon the players. 


Cthulhu is a game of subtle fear and subconcious unknowns. As you learn the rules and play with your friends you will be tested both morally and mentally as you step into a world defined by undefining it. Everything you knew is thrown out the window and disproven by a "Cthulian" version. Play with a few friends or play with dozens, we're sure Mage will entertain and inspire you and your friends for endless nights of fun.

Game SystemEdit

Cthulhu: Mysteries in Darkness is played using the L.I.F.E. System (Live-Action In Fantasy Environment). In addition to the games' rules the most important thing to memorize are the mechanics, based on the numerical value of four. The game can be played with a 12 sided dice or the traditional method of Throwing Chops (Rock, Paper, Scissors) making gameplay simple and easy to understand. In December 2012, Dark Phoenix Publishing announced the release of a Tabletop variant as well as another LARP varant known as Infinity which would simplify the mechanics of the game to appease gamers who felt number crunching was too difficult. 

Unweaving RealityEdit

In the world of Damnation, anything is possible. As you introduce Cthulian elements into your game you'll notice the Cthulian vampires are a little different from what you currently hold true. Likewise, Cthulian Mages, Shapeshifters, and every element is outside of the box in a truly frightening way. With seemingly no limitation or origin what will your players do? The most knowledgeable Mage is turned upside down when a Cthulian Mage appears and disproves everything. The eldest vampire is left speechless when a Cthulian vampire enters a territory. Darkness falls over every inch of the world and things get a little colder in Cthulhu: Mysteries in Darkness.