Of all of the things in the world of Damnation that poses a threat to magical workers, it is that of the Thaumaturge. Although it would seem simple, Thaumaturgy is actually a ritualistic working of magic by those gifted with the focus to use it properly. Thaumaturgy is used throughout the world of Damnation and gifted to various creatures and beings, although its' purest form is practiced by an ancient line calling themselves Cruor Magus (Blood Mages). 

Ancient HistoryEdit

Although no one is certain when the first Cruor Magus was first gifted the power of Thaumaturgy, most Mages agree that it must have been around the same time they were Gifted with magic. According to legend, Kerubiel turned on all magic practitioners sending Angels to earth to destroy supernatural creatures because they "defy" God's will. The remaining Cruor Magus are a secrative group, surfacing only here or there, mostly watching the events within a territory. 

What's the Difference?Edit

Thaumaturgy and Blood Magic are broken down and mentioned in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook, Daemoni Sourcebook, Bucoli Sourcebook, the House Nicolae Sourcebook and several others. As you read the passages on Blood Magic you'll note that the Daemoni possess a more potent form of Blood Magic than their offshoot, the Bucoli. Likewise, the House Nicolae possess a form of Necromancy which is nearly as potent as Thaumaturgy, being taught and directed by Loa. At the bottom of this ladder are Dark Gifts, which are fueled by blood but not in the same fashion as Thaumatury.