A Bloodline is a vampiric heritage measured from The First down to the present vampire in question. Each generation of vampire moves from Maker to Liberi (newly Turned vampire). The generation factor is meaningless in terms of power. As stated in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook, vampires get stronger as they take in the blood of their victim and wake each morning. Although the exact number of Bloodlines may well range into the hundreds, The First only Turned a handful of vampires, the original Bloodlines are:

  • Beurian
  • Furian
  • Daemoni
  • Lilian
  • Lilliana
  • Huntru

Other vampire lineages popped up in the Dark Ages as a result of the Inquisition. In the modern nights some of the older lineages are less popular and appear much less, if at all, to be replaced by younger Bloodlines stemming from a parent line. These younger lineages are: 

  • Eligiere
  • Cherche
  • Bucoli

Points of View & StereotypesEdit

Contrary to what a person might believe, not all vampires get along. Some feel the presence of other Bloodlines is irritating or downright offensive. This all depends on the faction your vampire belongs to. For instance, the default government presented in the Vampire: Undeath Corebook is the Vampire Nation. According to the Nation Charter, all vampires are accepted, although some choose to join other sects such as the Angeliene or V. Minor Bloodlines (those with incredibly low numbers) often find themselves without a place in vampiric government. When dealing with the Nation, only members AND the eldest have a voice in court . Anyone else, needs to go through this elder or risk not being heard. This often leaves minor Bloodlines unable to influence mortal or vampiric society without doing something to earn a great deal of Prestige