Angels are Celestial beings of the lowest Rank, or Choir in the Wastelands of Damnation roleplaying series. Angels come to Earth from Paradise, sent by "management" to serve in a war against The Fallen and their agents and to protect humanity. According to The Divine Mandate, Angels are not allowed to interact with humans other than to confort them in mundane form and give them very little guidance. At times, Angels will take jobs as counselors, however, the presence of The Fallen on Earth sometimes confuse and depress Angels. 


As Angels rise in Character Level they may either become a more powerful Angel or rise through the Choirs based on their deeds. In this way an Angel may become an Archangel, Principality, Dominion or any other rank of Angel and gain more authority and power. Each Rank that an Angel ascends grants the Angel the power to study and acquire more powers which may aid in their duty while on Earth. Unfortunately, due to the high number of Fallen, Dominions aren't very likely to give an Angel a raise and Seraphim are always on the lookout for turn-coats. 


Celestials may take a human form to blend in with humanity. Typically all Angels take on the persona of a homeless person or other person of limited stature in order to stay close to The Creator. The Fallen, on the other hand, tend to dress in the nicest suits and drive the best cars. Greed often overtakes them, replacing the depression they felt as Angels when they first came to Earth. Any Celestial may invoke a True Form which allows them to reveal their nature to one another (or humans). When this happens, wings extend from their back in various colors, shades and textures, armor manifests from light (smoke from The Fallen) and they may manifest a weapon of choice (swords, whips, etc.).